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Bald Problems

It's never too late to give yourself a chance

Recorded Someone To Watch Over Me by Frank Sinatra

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I don’t understand WHY people gotta remind me I’m BALD. 

Don’t try to tag me in old high school pictures to make me reminisce or somethin. 

I’m leading a great life, with no shame of who I am. And so what if I like to have a little hair here and there….get off my sack. 


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I am proud to announce that I will be playing a supporting lead role “Kitty” in The Drowsy Chaperone musical. 

Moving up


waiting for my call, waiting for my call….mmmmeeeeeeeh!!!

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People telling me I stole the show and a star who couldn’t get their eyes off of me…but I’m still in the back, never a lead, and I feel like that’s where I’ll always be. 

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PHANTOM heaven! Watch Norm Lewis rehearse “The Music of the Night” with Andrew Lloyd Webber

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